Tutorial how to disassemble Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ gear selector:

Our tips site explains common transmission faults, but how to disassemble center console of Jeep Grand Cherokee? This site shows you how to change a board.

First just try pulling knobs straight up. Be careful not to pull out the gear lever rods – the knobs might to be attached tightly and may come off with the rod. If you can’t get them off by hand then you need to use some tools. You need a cloth, big tongue groove pliers and big screwdriver. Put the cloth around the shifter rod to prevent it from scratching. Then use the tongue groove pliers to hold the shifter rod close to the knob. Place the screwdriver between tongue groove pliers and knob and use force to push the knob off. Here is a short video of how to do it.


Unscrew 6 screws wit cross screwdriver:
Unscrew 3 screws with cross screwdriver and take the center console off:
Take off plug of shifter board:
Unscrew 2 side torx screws:
Disassemble shifter PCB case and unplug back-light socket. New board does not have this socket anymore. Instead of back-light inverter and lamp we using LED-s.
This is shifter back-light EL-lamp high voltage inverter, you do not need to use it with upgraded shifter board as we used more stable LED-s on back-light.
This is shifter back-light EL-lamp, it illuminates blue-greenish light on letters P, R, N, D etc. On our new shifter board shifter back-light is replaced with LED-s and old lamp is not used anymore.
Remove old shifter board from holder. Gently bend the fastenings pointed with red arrows, to remove the board. Yellow arrow shows back-light inverter socket, no need to dismount that.
This is how your old PCB looks like:
and this is your new:
Make sure not to loose magnets from sliders. There are 3 magnets - 2 on top side with one white stripe and one magnet with 2 white stripes on bottom side of main slider. Those magnets are important, they are switching hall sensors. Without those magnets shifter board will not work.

Replace the old PCB with new one and assemble shifter.

It will take you about 20 minutes and we will gladly advice you in any problems.
Good luck!