jeep grand cherokee P0702 fix

When a 1999-2005 2.7 CRD (WJ and WG) Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD engine light goes on in dash, transmission goes into limp mode and error code is (in ECU) P0702 and (in Transmission) P2210 or P2212, ID 17, ID 76 with DRB III diagnostic device) then the problem is most likely in transmission shifter module.

The purpose of transmission shifter module is to tell to the car gearbox in which position the gear levers are. Transmission shifter module PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is located under the gear lever rods where it uses sensors to know the exact position of the rods. When the board breaks down then manually you can switch the gears, but electronically the gear remains in the position it was before the shifter board broke, like for example it stays in Parking position. Then the car realizes that something is wrong and switches the transmission into limp mode and shows fault code P0702 in dash. Within Limp Mode your car only drives with second and reverse gear, switching gear lever causes car to jump. Since you can only drive with 2nd gear, maximum driving speed is about 60 km/h. Also MIL light will light up in dashboard.

P0702 code ALWAYS occurs in Engine Control Module with Jeep gearbox electrical problems. P0702 is generic fault code stored in Engine Control Unit and it means that transmission has some electrical fault. There can be other faulty electrical items in transmission with code P0702, but broken shifter board is the most common. Best way to know what exactly is broken is to read out transmission fault codes. Check at our software page about Jeep Grand Cherokee diagnostic tool.

OEM Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission shifter module PCB has some design errors, is composed using cheap parts and low quality tin. Problems with original Grand Cherokee gearbox shifter boards occur due to major heating, bad soldering (low quality tin) and oxidation of VIA-s – that leads to components failure and breakdown resulting in gearbox going to error mode. We have seen 7 different versions of genuine shifter board, but they all have same mistakes. So Jeep has upgraded their shifter many times, but for some unknown reason all major mistakes are not fixed.

Shifter boards have been designed to last only till the end of the guarantee period and after that many “lucky” Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD owners can eventually buy a new gearbox shifter module. Your dealer can sell you a new Shifter Lever Assembly (SLA). It will cost you about 800 euros and what you get is the same poorly designed spare part. In addition to that, your dealer sells you a new part without leather gear lever knobs, they are replaced with cheap looking plastic ones. There is no need to change the whole shifter lever assembly in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is enough if you change the faulty transmission shifter electronics board and your car will drive again.

There is a way to repair the PCB-s, but since it is not possible to stop the oxidation, no long term guarantee can be offered – it will work for a while only waiting the next component to fail. Also some of the chips used are known to brakedown and need to be replaced.


jeep p0702 shifter boardWe have made a new and improved version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission shifter PCB module. Our new board is made to last – we removed all the design errors, plated all the PCB pads with gold, removed oxidation problems, used high-quality tin that is also used in military and medicine devices and replaced problematic parts with high quality details. We also made completely new and improved firmware for shifter board, it uses more accurate sensor switching – with this update car does not go into limp mode when shifter rod bushings are little worn-out. We changed also problematic back-light with LED-s and added 0.7 second delay to reverse light – reverse light does not blink anymore when you switching gear from P to D and will light up only when gear rod stays on R position more than 0.7 seconds. Also we do not using any parts that can be heat too much – board stays cool and does not break down due to heating.

jeep shifter upgraded backlight So we can tell that our board is like “ultimate” – made the best that can be to made. When you look at your old and new boards, then you can see major different. Do not worry, our shifter board is safe and fully compatible with your Grand Cherokee 2.7, we have tested it carefully and deeply.




Below table shows the difference between original part and our board:

ItemJeep originalOur board
VIA-s (trace connection holes on board)Copper, small holes (oxidation problems)Copper, larger holes, coated with gold (Oxidation problem resolved)
PCB padsCopper coated with tinCopper coated with gold
TinLow quality, brittle and crumbly (cracks over time)Highest quality, flexible (will not crack over time)
PartsSome high, some low qualityAll possible highest quality
BacklightEL-tape and inverter, lifetime ca 4000 hours, light weakens over time, the inverter breaksLED, lifetime 50000+ hours, light does not weaken over time
Reverse light switchingAlways blink when you move lever over reverse gear0.7 second delay, no blink when you move lever over reverse
Reverse light switchSometimes breaks (engineer forgot to add protection diode…)Changed to more powerful and added protection diode
HeatingMajor heating, over 100C (common problem why board breaks)Minimal heating, no major heating components
CoatingPartial coating (the lacquer is sprayed on the board, but not everywhere, humidity can go beneath the coating)Full coating (completely immersed in the varnish – twice (humidity can’t go beneath the coating)
Lever position accuracyPoor, car can go into limp mode when shifter rod bushings are little worn-outGood, car does not go into limp mode when shifter rod bushings are worn-out
Warranty12 / 24 monthsLifetime
PriceAbout 800 EUR295 EUR

For best results we are assembling all boards in Estonian factory, so we can control all manufacturing processes.

Due to our high quality standards we can offer our PCB-s lifetime guarantee.

Retrieving major fault codes on Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Turn the ignition key until the digital odometer displays, repeat three times in succession and then back to “On” (On/Off, On/Off, On/Off, On). At the fourth “On” the odometer will be replaced with codes. If your car has a transmission electrical problem you can see P0700 or  P0702 code. P0702 is generic fault, tells that transmission have an electrical fault. P0702 is stored in engine control module. For transmission control module fault codes contact your dealer to use proper diagnostics device as DRB III or Bosch KTS. You can also read/clear faults with our diagnostic software, based on ELM327 device.

Genuine shifter board have two kind of backlight inverter socket. Our shifter board uses LED-s instead of backlight EL-tape and inverter, there is no need to look at correct socket type anymore or remove backlight tape from old board (Blue light on letters P, R, N, D, 4, 3 etc…). New shifter board will fit to all Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD model.

After you switch your PCB module, you probably need to erase engine and gearbox fault codes! Sometimes car will drive fine without clearing faults, but sometimes you need to clear them.

We will send all PCB-s worldwide via DHL from Estonia, EU. To Europe it usually arrives in next work day. Rest of the world will arrive in 2-5 work days.


Changing a PCB will take about 20 min. and we will be happy to advice you in any problems.
Good luck!