You can read WJdiag Pro user manual from

Many of our customers have a huge problem with reading out Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD fault codes. It is possible to see engine fault codes with key on-off method, but you can not clear faults without correct OBD diagnostic tool. Also disconnecting battery will not clear fault codes on 2.7 CRD Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sometimes car will clear faults itself after replacing faulty part and driving couple of kilometers twice, but not always. Until today they were correctly read out and cleared only with DRB III and Bosch KTS diagnostic devices. Those devices are pretty expensive and not reasonable to buy for private use. So we decided to make a free diagnostics software that is compatible with 2002-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD and that would work with a cheaper device. So we made our own diagnostic software and designed it to read/clear Jeep WJ CRD engine and transmission faults. Our Jeep diagnostic software is very basic and is not comparable with professional diagnostic equipment. Our goal is to help the car owner to quickly view and erase fault codes without the need to run to workshop and pay money for it. It is mainly for people who sometimes like to fix their car in their home garage. Our Jeep diagnostic software will never be sold for money, It is free forever – to everyone.

ELM327 USB jeep compatibleFor hardware we chose ELM327 diagnostic scanner as it supports all OBD protocols and is compatible with 99% of modern cars. ELM327 is also pretty cheap, genuine ELM327 that uses genuine ELM chip issued by ELM Electronics costs about 50 EUR, Chinese USB clone (non genuine) costs about 10 euros in ebay and every car owner can afford it.

Current version is Windows based and works with ELM327 adapter. This new software can read engine and transmission fault codes and also cleared them.  Other modules – ABS, Body, Instrument etc., are not supported. There is no explanation of the codes in the diagnostic program, it just shows what fault codes are stored in your car’s engine/gearbox. You can check explanations at or just google them, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. Be mentioned that diesel and gasoline Jeep fault codes are different, so if you look from the web, then only look 2.7 CRD codes. Since this is Mercedes engine, many codes are same that in MB. Be mentioned that diesel and gasoline Jeeps codes do not match – if you have 2.7 CRD, then do not look fault code explanations for gasoline models.

Our Jeep fault code scanner is Windows based and should work on Windows XP and greater. We tested it on 32-bit XP, 64-bit windows 7, Windows 8 with ELM327 USB versions and Windows 8.1 Tablet with genuine ELM327 BT version and it works perfectly. This software connects with ELM straight to COM port and if you use BT version, then you should pair ELM327 and connect it with your computer before using our program. Also be sure that you have BT drivers correctly installed on your computer.

You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or greater installed on your computer. Most computers already have it.

Android version working with Android 4.3 and up.

There are problems with Chinese BlueTooth ELM327 clones. It is true that the ELM is only as good as it’s user. Genuine ELM is well made and can communicate through all OBD II protocols and is only limited by its user’s wisdom to use all ELM options. Different case is with Chinese clones – there are nice labels on those devices “Supports all OBD II protocols”, but real life is different. Newer Chinese devices are different from what they used to be. They used to copy ELM chips, but now they made a new device with their own firmware for chips inside the device, added some major protocols and called it ELM327. Those devices do not support necessary commands for ELM configuration and some of them even does not support necessary protocols. Chinese devices are working with some diagnostic software like Scanmaster ELM or Torque PRO on many car models, but 2.7 CRD Jeep ECU and TCM data transfer is much more complex and newer clones are not supporting them. This is the reason why our diagnostic software does not work with many Chinese ELM327 devices. Older Chinese USB clones seem to be working well with our software, problem is with Chinese BT and newer USB devices. We cannot do anything about this. With problematic ELM327 device you will get answers: Fake ELM.

China is a country of surprises and you’ll never know what you get – working device or garbage. At the bottom of this page you can find some feedback and we are pretty sure that those who can not get our diagnostic software to work, are using fake ELM device. Avoid Chinese ELM327 clones, they are not working correctly! ELM327 BT and USB with original chip are working fine. If you want to be sure, buy a device with genuine ELM327 chip.

Configuration commands that ELM must support are:
You can ask about those commands from seller before buying Chinese ELM device.

There are only a few places in EU where you can buy genuine ELM327 device. We found one from Romania and we bought one BT ELM327 device for testing. Now we can confirm that this device supports all necessary ELM commands and works fine with our software. Here is an image of this ELM327.
It costs 49 EUR and for genuine chip this is pretty good price. You can check it from
Same seller is also selling in ebay and his seller name is car.pulse

Other seller we found is UK based. Prices are a little higher and we have not tested their devices but they confirm that devices are using genuine chips by ELM Electronics. Website is


Update 13.11.2018

We are finished with WJdiag Pro and uploaded it to Google Play. With WJdiag Pro you can access to every control unit of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD. Pro version has a lot of opportunities and can help with fixing any electrical problem. Pro version is available for purchase. You can find short tutorial of WJdiag Pro from

WJdiag Free will stay free for everyone. With free version you can read and clear Engine and Transmission fault codes. Faults are shown with code and explanation.

WJdiag is working only with BLUETOOTH ELM327 device.

It does NOT work with WIFI ELM327.

Download WJdiag Free – Simple diagnostic software for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD - Android


Download JeepDiag - Free and simple diagnostic software for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD - Windows


If you would like to get previous version of simple JeepDiag for Android, then it will stay available. With JeepDiag you can read and clear engine and transmission fault codes. Fault codes are shown without code explanation, but this tool is enough if you just want to clear them.

Download JeepDiag - Free, old and simple Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD fault clearing for Android

Works with Android 4.3 and up.

Here are some images of Windows based JeepDiag:

jeep-transmission-fault-readAfter opening a program just choose COM port where ELM327 is connected and you are ready to go. Turn the ignition to ON position. Reading Jeep fault codes will take a few seconds. There is no explanation for fault codes, you can only see numbers. You can find explanation of fault codes from our site or look at correct explanation from google. There is a lot of forums where you can easily find help if you know correct codes.
If you have trouble with connecting COM port or you see some unknown letter after COM port name (COM3n, COM4象 etc.) then check if the bluetooth drivers are installed correctly on your computer.
Clearing Jeep transmission fault codes with our software is very easy. It takes about 5-30 seconds, depends on how much faults your car has and if you are using genuine or fake ELM. If some codes are not cleared, then you will see it. This means that your car still has something broken and you need to fix it.Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission fault codes clearing
Jeep-engine-faults-readHere you can see how engine fault codes are displayed - only codes and no explanations.
Clearing Jeep engine fault codes. After clearing the codes, you will see which codes were cleared and which not.Jeep-engine-fault-clearing

And below are some images of Android based JeepDiag:

Free Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ engine and transmission diagnostic software for Android, working with ELM327 deviceFree Android version of Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2.7 diesel diagnostic app - JeepDiag is ready now. Android connection with ELM327 device is simple. After you click on "Connect ELM327" all BT devices paired with your phone or tablet will appear. Just choose the correct ELM327 device and you are ready to go.
After connecting ELM327 you will see menu lines. Read Engine and Read Gearbox will read fault codes without deleting. Clear engine and Clear Gearbox will display fault codes and clear them automatically.JeepDiag is Android OBD diagnostic software based on ELM327 for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2.7 diesel
Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel engine and transmission ELM327 based android OBD diagnostic softwareReading and clearing transmission fault codes with your android phone is easy with JeepDiag. As we made this app as simple as possible, then there are no explanation of codes inside JeepDiag. To look what fault codes exactly mean, look at site
Your Jeep fault codes will be cleared and you will see if any of the codes are not deleted - if some fault code stays, then problem is not fixed and you need to replace/fix broken part.Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel engine and transmission ELM327 based android OBD diagnostic software

Here you can comment our software. This form is only for commenting on how our program works, if it is fine or did some problem occur. We appreciate any feedback, even if our program will not work as expected. In comment please specify what kind of ELM327 are you using, so everyone will know which version works and which not. All links of working devices are welcome as well. All feedback will be displayed bottom of this page, so everyone can see them.

For any questions, please use form on “contact” page.


8. September 2019 15:07
Hi. I got 2.7 wj . P0700. I nead to scan the transmission. Ime in Middelburg mpumalanga. Where can i by this tool

27. August 2019 00:37
Great app, thank you Kaido. Injectors test is very helpful (now I know that my huge black smoke does not come from them...!).
Does anybody knows how to check the good working of the EGR actuator with this app? Thank you for your answer(s)!
Olivier (from Nice, France)

25. August 2019 11:27
Hey guy‘s
I love your side, here i‘ve been found so many helpful tips and your PCB works gratefully.
But there is only one thing i need to know.
Is a WJdiag pro availabel on windows? I don‘t use android...

14. August 2019 20:28
Приветстаую! Купил версию про для андройда, установил, двигатель и акпп отлично кажет ошибки и текущие данные, но в другие блоки заходит,((( видно что пытается, но пишет "нет ответа от елм". Необходимо посмотреть ошибки в srs, и данные в "штифтере", как быть? Неужели версия про не читает остальные системы и разница с версией фри втом, что про кажет текущие параметры мотора? Спасибо.

6. August 2019 00:03
Hi. Will this work on a WJ 4.7?

15. June 2019 22:39
Hello Lothar.
Android does not support OBD data transfer through USB and we can not add such option to Android.
We will not make Windows version of WJdiag Pro, because it needs a lot of programming time. Instead of making new version, we are focusing on upgrading current Android version of WJdiag Pro.

15. June 2019 18:39
Lothar Machulka
Ich habe das ELM327 mit USB des rumänischen Herstellers. Leider funktioniert es nur beim Windows Laptop, nicht aber bein Android Smartphone. Ist ein release für USB angedacht?

11. June 2019 00:45
sergej abramov
habe ein android tablet (7.0), elm327 bluetooth v1.5 und wjdiag pro gekauft. immer wenn ich mein wg 2.7crd scannen möchte, reagiert das inteeface nicht oder baut keine verbindung auf. jetzt habe ich elm327 usb gekauft und wjdiag auf widows instaliert. und auch da wird kein interface erkannt. mit drb3 konnte der wg problemlos ausgelesen werden.

4. June 2019 19:48
Sergej U
Tell me, are there plans to update JeepDiag in Russian? The site itself could also attract a large audience of Russia if it were in Russian. Do you plan to expand the diagnostic program or not? Is it possible to use the purchased program on another medium, not on the phone, but suppose you transfer it to a tablet?

28. May 2019 09:06
Yes, WJdiag Pro can read BCM fault codes.

28. May 2019 06:45
Does your pro version read BCM codes? Me front passenger door is freaking out.

27. May 2019 14:46
Simon Skinner
Right...I have a problem and wonder if you can help.

Had the 'black death' with sever leaking injectors. Seats cleaned and re-cut. New washers and bolts. Car now cuts out when going over 2,000 rpm and get a p1130 error. I get no errors when ticking over or under very light load. It ran fine before so assume injectors are not faulty.however I have used your software and got the following readings:

cyl 1 fuel - -0.40
cyl 2 fuel - -1.01
cyl 3 fuel - +1.50
cyl 4 fuel - +0.93
cyl 5 fuel - -1.03

They are not spot on but not too far apart.

Also I have the following:

RPM - 750 rpm
Fuel pressure regulator output - 88%
Fuel rail pressure Actual - 236 bar
Fuel pressure set point - 278 bar
Mass airflow - 541 Mg/s
Mass airflow voltage 2.18v

Any thoughts?

Thank you as always

27. May 2019 13:57
Simon Skinner
Just bought the Pro version. Well worth the money, wish i'd done this ages ago, wouldv'e saved me hours and god knows how much money replacing parts!!!!

25. May 2019 16:20
Postolache Stefan
is there any chance you will make a pro version of the windows app?

18. May 2019 16:09
Works nicely. Big thanks for the community-spirited effort. I will likely upgrade to your Pro version soon. Best regards from sunny Stockholm.

8. March 2019 15:45
Lachezar Kalaydzhiev
Hello ,
I bought the WJ diag Pro software but cant find how to turn ON FULL HIDRAULIC FAN.
Is there a option ?

26. February 2019 09:49
Hello, Włodzimierz
If you can not read engine data, then probably issue is with your ELM327 device. Please try to connect again and after few attempts send log file to us for examining. Log file can be sent through settings page (3 dots on top right on the screen).

26. February 2019 01:01
I bought the WJdiag Pro app. In my 2.7, the CRD does not read the engine data. What should I do?

23. February 2019 21:55
Доброго времени суток!
Скажите пожалуйста, возможно вы сталкивались с такой проблемой.
При наборе скорости, в диапазоне оборотов двигателя 1800-2000 происходит вибрация двигателя похожая на пропуск зажигания на бензиновым двигателе. Ошибок нет. Особенно сильно вибрация ощущается на холодном двигателе. Не один специалист не может найти причину. И я заметил что очень много wj страдают этой проблемой.

15. February 2019 02:28
Hi.. when changing from bar to psi my boot pressure still reads the same figure..

7. February 2019 18:42
Hello Kai.
You need to install USB drivers for COM port. Usually Windows will install drivers itself, but if not, then you need to install them manually. Check at CD disk you got with your ELM327 device, there should be a folder with drivers on the disk. After installing drivers correct COM port will appear to COM ports list in JeepDiag.

6. February 2019 08:23

I have a elm327 plug connected with usb. Your program is not able to find the com port my usb cable is connected to? I can use a usb connected ELM?


1. February 2019 12:49
I want to buy the bt elm you describe, but the web doesn't work. I've tried in ebay, but I haven´t found it neither. Could you tell me the correct link for buying?

31. January 2019 10:49
Hello Sergio
If you buy program, then there is one time payment for purchase and after this you can use WJdiag on single device as much you want and no extra payments are required. If you change your Android device, then you can make backup from old phone through Google and WJdiag will be transferred to new device for free. You need to have Google Play account for this.

30. January 2019 22:02
Hello Kaido, Some time ago, I purchased the European elm327 and used the Diag free jeep successfully. I want to buy the Pro version. I would like to know if, when changing cell phones, I can maintain the program and not have to buy it again. Thank you

10. January 2019 14:19
Thanks a lot You Guys are great. I already have the shifter Modul from You and its working perfect.

9. January 2019 23:11
Engine and transmission are using ISO 9141-2, K-Line and all other modules are using J1850 VPW.

9. January 2019 19:37
Hy welches Protokoll muss der Elm Chip unterstützen damit die wj Diagnose Software läuft? ISO?
Vielen Dank schon Mal.

5. January 2019 23:25
Hi wonder if you can help, if I run the mass air flow test on my jeep at idle it reads it as 30 mg/s but on my dad's it's 233mg/s why is there such a big difference, is mine faulty, or what should it be

2. January 2019 21:52
WJdiag Free is good if you need to check or clear some fault codes in engine and transmission, WJdiag Pro is for more complicated diagnostic.
With WJdiag Free you can read and clear engine and transmission fault codes, nothing else.
With WJdiag Pro you have access to all modules your car has, like ABS, body, doors, parking sensors etc. Every module has different options like senor Live Data, Input-Output values make some coding etc.

2. January 2019 11:05
Hi Kaido,
Thank you for developping this tool ?
What is teh difference between basic WJdiag and Pro WJdiag ?

My ELM327 device does not support wifi or bluetooth, so I can't use pro android software. Would you have a windows version for Pro WJdiag ?

Have a good day.

18. November 2018 15:58
Injector test shows how good or bad injectors are. Perfect value for new injectors are near 0.00 and with time injectors will wear out. ECM is measuring RPM of each cylinder and if injector is worn out, then ECM will correct fuel quantity for each injector to keep engine running smooth.
Measuring must be done with warm engine, injectors must be equal, few examples:
Some injector has +2 and some has -2.3, total difference is 4.3, it is too much and injectors should be replaced.
Some injector has +2, other +1,8 etc., total difference 0,2 is pretty good, no need to replace injectors.
If injectors are not equal, then car can smoke, fuel consumption is high, engine is not running smoothly, in extreme situation car may not start.
Total difference 2 or less is not a big problem and car can drive well.
Injectors have codes 1, 2 or 3 stamped on case. To get best performance, same values should be coded into ECM, it can be done through Engine Tests, Injector Learn. Just place correct codes shown on right side and save.
There is a little trick to optimize fuel consumption with old injectors through changing codes in ECM. With warm engine drive on flat road with cruise and check fuel consumption on ceiling console. Change code on injector you think is working incorrectly and compare fuel consumption again. To get correct results, fuel consumption must be reset from ceiling console every time you are measuring. With such playing fuel consumption can be reduced up to 2 L/100km (best result I know), depends on injector conditions. Of course results can be reversal if initial settings were most optimized, so better is to remember settings before coding.

17. November 2018 13:25
Great product thanks for taking the time to develope it.
One question, can a injector relearn be performed to optimize the injectors in there current condition? If so does it give you step by step instructions on how to do this?
Thanks again.

15. November 2018 19:55
Hola, tengo un codigo de averia que aperece de vez en cuando, cada mes, semanas, cada vez mas amenudo, P2210, ese fallo es el referente a la placa electronica en la parte inferior de la palanca o puede ser otra causa. Muchas gracias.
Un saludo.

14. November 2018 03:34
James Aitken
Found it:

Purchased it, too!

Any chance of doing a WJ interface for the Torque app? I'd buy that too.

14. November 2018 03:25
James Aitken
Hi Kaido,
Can you please post a link to WJDiag Pro in Google Play? I cannot find it.

13. November 2018 23:03
WJdiag Pro without time limit is now available in Google Play.

12. November 2018 17:04
Yasser Ibrahim
Hallo. Habe bei Ihnen ELM 327 gekauft und den Filter für das Getriebe.
Der Download funktioniert leider nicht bei mir mit Windows sieben. Können Sie mir bitte behilflich sein.

Vielen Dank vorab.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Yasser Ibrahim

11. November 2018 23:13
Louis Adolfini
wj diag pro free time over ?
combien de temps avant la prochaine mise à jour

8. November 2018 20:36
Hi. I have serious Problems on jeep grand Cherokee limited 2002-2003 model. 1. Error code P0702 2. Smoking badly 3. Oil leaking on Exhaust and white smoke what can I do? Kindly help.

7. November 2018 13:58
Diagnostic software is made for WJ 2.7 CRD and it is working with your car.
We are not making diagnostic compatible for MacBook, sorry.
At the moment you can not use Android device with WiFi ELM327. You can use basic app with WiFi adapter if you have Windows computer and can use some additional port redirecting software like HW VSP.

6. November 2018 23:10
hello! i have a Jeep 2.7CRD WJ 10.2001 the software working with

6. November 2018 22:38
hello! i have a Jeep 2.7CRD WJ 10.2001 the software working with this?thanks

6. November 2018 00:03
is there any chance you can down load onto a MacBook in the future ?

3. November 2018 12:07
Simon Skinner
Hi there, so I'm on my 3rd elm device to get your software to work, I've taken the plunge and bought an expensive device but your software will not connect as its WiFi and not Bluetooth! Is there a way around this?



3. November 2018 12:01
Simon Skinner
Hi there, so I'm on my 3rd elm device to get your software to work, I've taken the plunge and bought an expensive device but your software will not connect as its WiFi and not Bluetooth! Is there a way around this?



3. November 2018 11:58
Hello Jeepy.
File is updated and you can download it again.

2. November 2018 17:26
Could you please provide a download link for a new Android app not restricted till November? It's not working anymore. Thanks a lot.

1. November 2018 22:12

J’ai ma jeep qui affiche comme code :
;P0110 / P0620 / P1130 / P0606 / P0340 / P1685 / P0530. Je souhaiterais être informer de leurs signification...

22. October 2018 12:57
Hello Bog.
You can download software from upper side on the same page. Your Android device must allow third party apps installation, it can be changed from security settings. If you are unable to download it, then send me your email through contact form and I will send you direct links.

22. October 2018 11:36
Kaido I want to buy the gear selector but i can't to download the soft for android to erace the fall after...what can I do?

15. October 2018 21:14
Thank you

15. October 2018 00:00
In this program there is an adjustment of the lock of the torque converter automatic transmission?and on my 2.7 CRD does not work on time, it is a blocking automatic transmission.It works after 70 km. How can I adapt it?

14. October 2018 23:50
Hello Kaido.I asked a question. Where is my answer?

14. October 2018 13:56
Yes, current version works until November.

14. October 2018 11:37
Hi Kaido there a new version updated one for the pro version?

11. October 2018 18:19
Нет, версия iOS не будет выпущена.

10. October 2018 10:54
Будет ли версия на iOS?

19. September 2018 15:49
Hi I would like know where i can Take Jeep diag pro with reading injector . So can help to choise right software and hardware for diagnos Jeep 2.7 crd ?


9. September 2018 15:40
i would like to use the pro version but i own only a usb is possible to use a emulator on laptop to use the mobile app then connect the elm to usb?
thank you

7. September 2018 14:02
WJDiag Pro, отличная программа. Благодарю! Подскажите, где можно посмотреть информацию по настройкам? Как понял можно регулировать форсунки?

5. September 2018 22:20
Those codes are stamped to injectors and to get best performance, ECM must know what are injector codes.
If injectors are worn out, then playing with codes can make engine run smoother and save fuel economy.

5. September 2018 09:31
Hi Kaido,

now You've added the fuel injection parameters. Great!
Just wonder what is the logic (manual) for injectors learning option?

24. August 2018 23:36
We never tested it on KJ, but common modules will probably work on many Chrysler Group cars made between 1997-2005.

24. August 2018 20:29
What are the chances that you have software to read and reset faults for
Cherokee KJ 2004 2.8 disell

22. August 2018 09:17
App is working now until 30th September.

21. August 2018 15:34
christopher wallace
Hi i bought your unit last year i am using the pro version on another jeep keep getting freetime over message have tried reinstall several times but still the same have you got a solution thanks

12. August 2018 08:28
Hello guys. Thanks for this diagnostic toll. Great job! But i have a problem. I cant read all in jectors. Only i can see number 1-4 but not number 5. You can help me? Thanks!

31. July 2018 10:11
No, we do not have soft for 3.0 CRD. You should use Witech for 2007 year Jeep.

30. July 2018 21:06
Do you have the soft for a 2007 3.0 CRD Grand Cherokee?
thanks a lot!

21. July 2018 22:06
j ai installer votre logiciel sans probleme.
j ai utilise sans probleme et apres plusieur mois ,il ne fonctionne plus impossiblede connecter eml 327

13. July 2018 14:37
Доброго времени !!! Сколько стоит pro версия и как я могу оплатить.
(Бесплатное время вышло)

12. July 2018 09:13
Hi Kaido,

I have used both versions with great success. Now the Pro version gives "free time over" despite reinstalling it.
The only thing I missed in Pro was fuel injector parameters (fuel correction) - this option would give great value to Your program as would help to diagnose faulty injectors which sometimes is a case on these old machines. Other wise the program is great tool.

8. July 2018 15:17
Hi there please help me I've got a same problem with my gear light is not working properly please help me

27. June 2018 09:21
Hi, Is it just me that to see any parameters for engine module, i have to go into this module, select parameters that I want to see, exit module, go into it again, and then "Show selected" can show values of choosen parameters?

21. June 2018 09:54
Hello Klaus
Yes, diagnostic works well with Romanian ELM327 on every 2.7 CRD Jeep, including 2002 and 2004 year.

20. June 2018 21:24
Funktioniert der ELM327 Chip aus Rumänien auch bei einem Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD (WG) aus 2002?
Diesel sollen ja erst ab EZ 2004 unterstüzt werden.

14. June 2018 15:44
Hello Hubert.
I upgraded file with new date and it is working again. Just download it again and reinstall.

14. June 2018 13:33
is it possible to contribute?
I'm a programmer and I would like to add the compatibility list to the WJ 4.7 model.

13. June 2018 16:48
Hi, I downloaded Pro version but it shows "Free Time Over" communicate from the beginning. I've never used it before. How can I pull it and try its capabilities?


13. June 2018 13:55
Louis adolfini
je n arrive plus a utiliser jeep diag pro un message free time over j ai télécharger de nouveau l application mais toujours pareil existe t il une solution

11. June 2018 16:35
giovanni bassani
Good afternoon,i have been using your jeepdiag pro software for a while now,works well, the problem i have now is if i start it up it gives a message"Free time over" can i purchase it
thanking you

31. May 2018 18:37
je possede un grand cherokee 2.7 crd est mon module elm 3.27 n est pas reconnu par la voiture il est identique a la premiere photo elm3.27
merci de me renseigner
cdtl dominique

23. May 2018 09:39
I love to use this app but unfortunately app I have on my phone has expired so I delete it. I download new one from this site but I can't install it. Am I doing something wrong? Pls help

16. May 2018 19:09
Hello Louis.
It is only in English site.

16. May 2018 19:03
Louis adolfini
je ne trouve plus jeep diag pro sur le site existe t il toujours ?

11. May 2018 18:28
je reçois ce jour l'interface commandé sur le net. Mais l'appareil me renvoie le fameux message « Communication error? Fake ELM! ». Pas de bol, je suis tombé sur un modèle qui ne convient pas. Certes je ne l'ai pas payé très cher, mais s'il faut en commander une douzaine pour en trouver un qui convient... Vous avez une astuce ?

9. May 2018 20:08
Owen Sweeney
I purchased a new pcb from kaido and also genuine elm 327 device downloaded the application to my Samsung android phone and it worked perfectly using Bluetooth connection once paired up
It has been working well for over 3 years now and has restored my car to full use
Great product and advice

19. April 2018 17:10
Manuel Pilia
Salve, volevo sapere se esiste una versione di jeepDiag wifi
Il mio adattatore ODBII è wifi e non bluetooth.

15. April 2018 21:49
Hello Artur.
Until it is in development stage, it can not be bought. I am upgrading installation apk file in time and after time of your version is out, then just download app again and you will get newest version.

15. April 2018 21:09
I use JeepDiag Pro and it was working perfectly
but i have time out on softwear
How can i buy a full softwear

29. March 2018 11:48
quand je démarre jeep diag sur XP
j'ai à l'affichage :
l’application n’a pas réussi à s'installer correctement
(0xc0000135). cliquez sur ok pour arrêter l'application.

jeep diag fonctionnait il y a deux moi sur ce pc .
et il ne sert qu'à ça et à rien d'autre.

pouvez vous me guider pour une solution.
merci par avance.

28. March 2018 22:44
Hello Gustavo.
Jeep gasoline models are using Chrysler SCI data bus for Engine and Transmission diagnostic, but ELM327 does not support it. Unfortunately there is no other low price device in the market that is Chrysler SCI compatible and we should develop new device for it. Probably we will not do it.
All other modules like ABS, body, doors, media, parking aid etc. should work with current app.

28. March 2018 18:23
Gustavo Bitencourt
Hello Kaido!

Do you have forecast to develop a version to work with WJ 4.0 gas?
Can I help you?


11. March 2018 00:30
Christian Dagorn
The Romanian site does not provide the ELM 327 in usb. Do you have another link or the software works with a box in usb?
Thank you
Christian Dagorn

10. March 2018 22:17
Sorry quise decir se jalonea y pierde potencia

10. March 2018 22:13
Hola mi jeep grandes chrokee laredo 2004 pierde potencia se japonés .le he cambiado la computadora 3 veces .como 5 sensores la bomba de gasolina. La bobina y muchas cosas mas.sigue muestra ningún codigo. Pueden ayudarme por favor ya no se que mas hacer.

10. March 2018 12:53
Hello Andy.
Our Jeep diagnostic software does not work with iPhone and WiFi ELM327 device. You can use Windows computer with WiFi ELM327 if you have some port redirecting software installed like HW VSP. It will redirect WiFi TCP/IP traffic to COM port.
Clearing P0702 from Engine only does not have point, because if some fault remains in Transmission, then in next start TCM will report about it to ECM and P0702 will appear again. 'First clear Transmission faults and then clear Engine ones.

10. March 2018 11:02
Hermann Hofer
Guten Tag.
Nachdem ich das ELM 327 Interface bekommen habe und ihre Software auf meinem PC installiert habe komme ich nicht in den Jeep hinein.
wo liegt der Fehler?? was mache ich falsch???
Bitte um genaue Vorgehensweise beim Fehlerauslesen!!
danke im Voraus .
MFG. Hermann Hofer

8. March 2018 16:46
Hi I have WJ Jeep 2.7 CRD 2002 year, with error code P0702.

I bought a replacement PCB from a dealer in the UK (one of your boards) and fitted it, but the issue is still present (limp mode and engine managment light still on), I bought a Wi fi ELM 327 reader from the site recommended below and have used it with my I phone to try and clear the fault code (it immediately reappears) and read the error code using the Auro Doctor app.
I am unable to get any fault codes using the ELM 327 reader and app. Do you have any ideas what can do please?

Thank you


24. February 2018 12:20
Working also with icarsoft i620 BT adapter...Thanks a lot!

15. February 2018 17:07
Etant plutôt novice en informatique, mais mécanicien dans l’âme
J'aime bien effectuer les réparations de mon jeep grand cherokee 2,7 CRD.
Mais quel modèle choisir en sachant que j'aimerais le brancher sur mon portable donc sous androïd et me faut il des fiches ou cordons pour l'adapter si oui, lesquels? Merci ,de votre réponse.

11. February 2018 21:10
Well done new software works great ,keep developing it.
1 It would be nice if we can change data like EGR.
2 At mew software
Missing an option to reset faults

4. February 2018 03:59
Felix aliaga mamani
No funciona con mi veiculo Grand Cherokee vusco alguna solucion gracias

3. February 2018 13:07
Angel, yes, it will work with Android 7.0.

2. February 2018 13:43
Angel Garcia
Hola buen día, mi consulta es si este sofware se puede usar con un Celular con androi 7.0 ?? Espero su repuesta atte Angel.

24. January 2018 11:25
Marco Adams
Ich habe mir aufgrund der Empfehlung das BT ELM327 zugelegt. Mit der Jeep App funktioniert es auch anstandslos. Danke für die gute
Beratung. Gibt es eine App oder ein Programm, mit dem ich tiefer
in die Diagnose beim Cherokee einblicken kann?
Gruß Marco

19. January 2018 15:48
hola no me reconoce el cable elm 327 el ordenador

18. January 2018 08:09
Such an awesome app!
The pro version has now expired.
How can I purchase it?

10. January 2018 09:40
Kevin, you need to install USB ELM327 drivers first to your computer. Probably you got cd disk with your ELM327 device.
Fabrizio, WiFi ELM327 will work only with Windows computer if you are using some Com port redirecting software.

9. January 2018 11:42
hi there i keep getting message on this com port no correct elm connected can you help have tried lots of things but no joy cheers kev

6. January 2018 14:25
hello, i'm tyyng with en elm327 wifi and androd software, but not work, i have a problem , 3 on off not find anything, but the engine lamp is on and when i put on D or R the car make a jump...

many thanks

5. January 2018 15:02
Hello Eduardo.
You can use only Bluetooth ELM327.

Andrew, OBD socket have +12 volts without ignition and you can hold ELM327-phone connection, but all car modules are switched off and you can not make any diagnosis.

4. January 2018 12:02
Puedo utilizar un elm327 wifi en vez de bluetooth ?
( para telefono android )

1. January 2018 19:45
Andrew Byrne
Using the pro software. Very good. I wish you had time to do further development. Works with a cheap 1.5 clone and the recommended one.
Can the connection be kept alive with the ignition off?

26. December 2017 15:04
Bruno Branson
Works with a Proscan adaptor. with windows and both android softwares. Brilliant, thank you.

24. November 2017 18:38
Existe t il un logiciel en Français si possible pour ELM 327 Wifi V1.5 pour Jeep Grand Cherokee WG Overland 2004 2,7CRD fonctionnant sousPC Windows XP ET/OU Iphone IOS ?

24. November 2017 15:55
Bonjour. Est-ce qu’il existe une version de logiciel pour iPhone ?

23. November 2017 21:03
Hi!!! Congrats for your work!!! It is awesome!! I'm trying your new software. It is incredible! Could you tell me when updates are released so i can download it immediately? Thanks!!! And good job!! Matteo

23. November 2017 09:34
Hello Jan Bo.
I do not have software for 96 model, sorry about that.

23. November 2017 08:04
Jan Bo
Hi, habt ihr auch eine Software für den 5.2 Limited ab 96`?
Ich hab des öfteren Getriebefehler zu löschen, mit meinem Gerät kann ich aber nur die MKL löschen.
LG, Jan

14. November 2017 18:37
Yoram Levi
I install the JeepDiag APP on my mobile (Galaxy s8)
Till Last week the APP work perfect
Start today, the APP close automatic and stop
I can not run the APP
I enable the download and the install the APP on my mobile

Help please


8. November 2017 19:28
Juan José Rissotto
Hola tengo problema con placa electronica(P0702)

17. October 2017 15:15
hola estoy intentendo diagnosticar y me dice que no reconoce el elm327

15. October 2017 15:58
j'ai acheté un ELM 327 usb chez mister express sur ebay.
Leur logiciel ne fait rien car le véhicule est trop ancien pour lui (GC 2,7 de 2002).
Mais avec votre logiciel re-initialisation les doigts dans le nez en 1 minute !

10. October 2017 12:39
Hi There

I have an ELMScan 5 with an ELM 327 Hardware Revision: 3.2 and Firmware Revision: 1.2a.

It's original with RS232 output, but I have a cable from RS232 to USB to my pc.

It communicates nicely, but comes with a mistake. FAKE ELM327 is that the Firmware that's too old?

Will there be a software ver. for iPhone or iPad sometime?


26. September 2017 20:55
dom langlois
bravo pour ces explication ,

mon véhicule , grand cherokee WJ 4l , 6 cylindre
vous me conseillez
le elm BT sous android , ou usb sur pc
merci ,

17. September 2017 00:17
For anyone experiencing the same problem as me:

For some reason this app was not able to communicate with my transmission. These guys are working on a new app which I was able to test. The new app communicates just fine with the TCM, and now my Jeep is on the road again.

Don't be afraid to send them an email, and make shoure to give a donation. They're saving you a lot of money;)

14. September 2017 21:29
Just received the BT ELM327 v2.2 from Romania today( I want to access the gearbox, as i have the P0702 error code on my 2002 Jeep GC 2.7 CRD.

I tried your software on Android and 2 different Windows 10 PCs, but none of them were able to read or clear the gearbox. It was able to read and clear the ECU on all devices though.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

8. September 2017 16:36
fournier cyrill
you can remove my comment .
upload drivers into the device manager and all is ok

8. September 2017 13:59
fournier cyrill
I buy a real elm-327 and I have as info
: on this com port no correct elm connected!
thank you for giving me solutions.

8. September 2017 13:16
fournier cyrill
I am very dissatisfied!
I ordered and received usb elm 327 from Romania.
to connect to your software is impossible!
your software only offers one COM 3 port, and I can not connect to the PC.
I have yet to download drivers usb on
the software tells me that I am not connected to com 3.
how to do.????
it is a situation that costs me dear and that does not solve anything and that lasts in time !!!
I tried with two pc (windows 7)
and it's the same problem !!
thank you for following up on my message.

7. September 2017 16:14
Fonctionne parfaitement en bluetooth sous Android, mais comme déjà précisé, uniquement avec un VRAI ELM327.
J'ai essayé avec une copie chinoise à 10 euros, et ça ne fonctionne pas.
MERCI! C'est génial de pouvoir effacer les codes défaut moteur + boite avec un simple téléphone : qui peut en dire autant?

28. August 2017 20:40
Have elm 327 but wireless not you have a program for wireless elm 327

23. August 2017 00:14
I clear my faults in the engine and gearbox and I get the jeep out of Sleep mode but when I switch off the engine it comes back won get out of 2nd gear. Reverse also good. Help please.

21. August 2017 15:24
Have elm 327 but wireless not you have a program for wireless elm 327

20. August 2017 14:51
je viens d acquerir un elm 327 et mon jeep grand cherokee 2.7 crd de 2002
renvoie un code errors fak est t il possible que ma prise diag ne fonctionne pas merci de votre reponse

2. August 2017 14:31
I would like to try live data application.

13. July 2017 00:39
Gobert loic

I've seen on comments you have worked on a live data reading application. Can you send it to me?


4. July 2017 07:14
Здравствуйте! Как можно скачать JEEPDiag для windows?

16. June 2017 07:54
karamitros yann
Merci pour votre appli, elle est au top.
J'ai des soucis de démarrages aléatoires.
Vous n'avez pas de solutions pour pouvoir lire les valeurs en temsps réel sur PC?

Merci beaucoup.

29. May 2017 14:25
Hi Dj GnB. 2.7 engine and transmission fault codes, live data and Input/Output is ready and we are working every day to add more modules. Send me request to email if you would like to try it.

29. May 2017 13:53
Dj GnB
Hello Kaido! How is your progress with dealer level app? WJ 2002-2004 models?

22. May 2017 10:40
nicolas S
I use the software with windows 10 pro
Perfect conection with ELM from Romania (use usb version, just need install the correct drivers)
Easy to know errors and clear them

13. May 2017 18:41
Habib, Chrysler made their own data bus protocol that is used only in older Chrysler Group cars, including Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2001. Unfortunately ELM327 does not support this protocol and we can not add older Jeep models.

13. May 2017 00:44
Habib Kraiem
Est-ce qu'il y a un module de diagnostic pour G Cherokee WJ modèles 1999-2001? Si oui pourriez-vous m'aiguiller la dessus.
Merci d'avance.
Habib Kraiem

5. May 2017 21:26
Martin Walker
Oh and if you download and use this diagnostic software, remember how frustrating it's been not being able to diagnose or clear the codes on your Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD! Send these guys some money in appreciation for all the time they've spent on this (even if it's not a lot), they deserve it!

5. May 2017 21:17
Martin Walker
Works great with the car.pulse cable -

Tried a cheap Chinese cable but a waste of time, I recommend you buy one from these Romanian guys!

Thanks for developing this diagnostic software, a beer (or two) is on it's way!


28. April 2017 22:30
Alex R

Leider bekomme ich immer die Meldung: On this Com Port no correct ELM connected!
Treiber i.O., ELM327-Clon, funktioniert bei anderen Marken mit ForScan, Carsoft demo, etc.....

Was kann ich tun, damit JeepDiag mein Elm erkennt?

Grüße Alex R

14. April 2017 16:53
Graziano, It is possible, because engine data transfer uses "Fast Initiation" (ELM command AT FI) and gearbox data transfer is working without this command. So your ELM327 does not support AT FI command.

14. April 2017 13:45
I bought an ELM327 USB. Is it possible that "read engine" function gives "fake elm" response while the "read gearbox" one works perfectly?

25. March 2017 23:45
Yes, Windows version is working with USB ELM327 as well.

25. March 2017 23:30
Hi! this software can work also with a USB ELM327 version? Thanks

17. March 2017 21:17
Bonjour, suivant vos conseils j'ai acheter l'ELM 327 que vous conseillez sur votre site et j'aurais deux réflexions à faire en effet, lorsque on commande sur le site roumain il y a 19€ de frais de port pour un tout petit objet qui coûte environ 48€ et l'objet n'arrive qu'après 4 jours de transport, ce qui semble très long pour ce prix de transport et surtout quand on est en panne, ensuite l'appareil fonctionne avec vos logiciels, mais malheureusement il est intégralement en Anglais et aucun moyen de changer de langue, ce qui est compliquer quand on parle mal cette langue, pouvez vous changer cela, afin que l'on puisse choisir sa langue pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de l'appareil ?
Sinon il fonctionne, reste à voir si après réparation de ma panne il parviendra à rétablir le bon fonctionnement de ma voiture en effaçant les codes défauts.

15. March 2017 18:03
Jeepdiag working only with 2.7 CRD Jeeps. 4.0 gasoline model is not supported.

15. March 2017 13:22
kann ich diese Software auch für meinen Jeep Grand Cherokee BJ. 2000, 4l,nutzen?
Ich will Motor- und Getriebe-Codes auslese und löschen können.

9. March 2017 20:22
My 2002 2.7 Jeep started to go into temporary limp mode almost every second day. It had done that for the last year or two but until now, it would only happen like once a month so I wasn't really concerned. The check engine light would come on and the power would be limited. Restarting the car would instantly fix the problem until the next time. Doing the key trick I found out that I had quite a lot of codes with P0700 and P0702 being some of them. I managed to fix the limp mode problem just by cleaning the whole PCB board and the gear selector base that houses the magnets with cotton pads soaked in contact cleaner. I also sprayed contact cleaner on all of the connectors that where under the central console and had to be disconnected from the PCB board to remove it. Just in case cleaned the TCM connectors as well. I think that the magnets were too dirty for the PCB sensors to detect the correct position of the gear selected but I might be wrong. Been happily driving my Jeep for a month now without check engine light turning on or the car going to limp mode. Thank you Kaido for such a awesome website.

5. March 2017 14:07
By default Android lets only install apps that are downloaded from Google Play store. Check your phone settings, if installations from unknown sources is allowed.

5. March 2017 12:49
Hallo, habe gerade die android version auf das telefon geladen. Leider gibt es einem fehler bei der Kontrolle der datei und die installation wird abgebrochen. Was habe ich falsch gemacht? android 4.4 und 5.1 das gleiche problem

21. February 2017 19:31

j'ai le code d'erreur atwm8120f33e not supported by ELM
Communication error? Fake ELM!

j'ai un ELM327 generique "tout protocoles" dois je acheter un autre ELM ?

si oui pouvez vous me donner un modèle chinois pas trop chère que vous avez testé


20. February 2017 15:29
Itth this program will the error P0702 give more detail to say exactly where the problem is?

15. February 2017 19:38
Die Software funktioniert perfekt mit dem AutoDia E327 von Die Platine von gewechselt, die Fehler ohne Probleme mit der Win-Version aus der Getriebebox und dem Steuergerät gelöscht und der Jeep schaltet wieder wie am ersten Tag

Danke an das Team !!!!

15. February 2017 14:26
waller walter
For Helping give no code elm have no code.
Thanks sale the car is better

15. February 2017 10:32
P1685 is SKIM SYSTEM INVALID SECRET KEY IN EEPROM. If you can start your car, then do not worry about this and focus on P0700 and P0702.
If P0700 or P0702 is active and comes back after clearing, then there must be some other code stored in transmission that is causing P0700 and P0702.
P0700 and P0702 are "Transmission generic electrical" faults and they are stored in ECM (Engine Control Module). They appear only if transmission has an active fault code. If transmission has some electrical problem, then fault will be stored in TCM (Transmission control Module) and also TCM will report about this to the ECM. By this report ECM will store P0700 or/and P0702.
For this reason P0700 and P0702 can not be alone.

13. February 2017 15:12
Walter waller
Guten Tag,
wir haben ein Problem grand Cherokee 2,7 crd es war zuerst p702 p700
Notlauf die Fehler wurden gelöscht.
Wieder notlauf unter dem fahren geht gang raus und schaltet nicht mehr.
Werkstatt macht Kontrolle magnete usw Fehler gelöscht geht nicht mehr.
Dann kamm Fehler p 1685 habe ich mit dem elm327 gelöscht gearbox keine Fehler engine keine Fehler aber er schaltet nicht !
Vielleicht haben sie einen Tipp.
Gruss waller

8. February 2017 12:15
when i enter in diagnosi in engine put the tipical failure p0702
when i enter in transmisión put sometimes the p0702 but also the
p2310.. what means it?

6. February 2017 12:12
Funziona anche per Jeep Cherokee 2.5 CRD !?

4. February 2017 15:57
waller walter
Guten Tag.
Leider habe ich per post ein elm327 bekommen kann nur wifi kein BT ihre Software Android kann nur BT oder gibt es eine BT Lösung.
Hatte Getriebe Probleme 2.7 crd 2003. code 700 702 wurden gelöscht und jetzt Geht gar nichts mehr Getriebe schaltet nicht schluesselmode 1685 Fehler Datenbus aber genauer kann ich es nicht sagen
MFG waller

2. February 2017 16:52
belloc christophe
Ma bva de mon wj est bloquée en 1 ère puis je la débloquée avec votre logiciel ou dois je faire réinitialiser le TCM ?

26. January 2017 11:16
Bonjour, tres bien votre logitiel, simple et fonctionnel.
J'ai pu lire les codes sur un wg de 2004 et 2003 sans probleme.
Par contre sur une suite de code comme :
Seul P1511 ne s'est pas effacé. Normel ou paqsje ne sais pas, mais je tenais a vous le signaler.
Si seulement vous aviez crée se logitiel en 2011, cela m'aurait evité bien des deboirs.
Je vous remercie et vous souhaite bonne continuation.
Cordialement, Chris.

25. January 2017 21:33
For WIFI device you can use some Virtual Serial Port driver like HW VSP with your WIFI device. It will redirect TCP/IP traffic to COM port.

25. January 2017 18:31
Dan potts
Hi. How can I get the software to work with a wifi elm327?



24. January 2017 21:30
Software works only with 2.7 CRD Jeep.
Jeeps with other engines have different data bus protocol and they are not supported.

23. January 2017 16:18
Matthias Jaksch
Funktioniert sie Software auch für einen 99er 4.7 4x4?

Danke und Grüße
Matthias Jaksch

22. January 2017 22:51
Hello Beranger.
Seems like you did not pair ELM327 device with your phone. Every Bluetooth device should be paired before you can use it.

20. January 2017 17:54

je viens d'acheter une prise ELM327 VER1.5A PRO sur ebay. Je viens d'installer votre petit soft. Mais lorsque que je veux lire les PCodes il m'affiche "On this Com Port no correct ELM connected!"

Pourriez vous m'aider?

Beranger PUDIL

16. January 2017 19:14

J'aimerais un logiciel qui diagnostique la transmission, donc votre logiciel me plairait, mais sur un Jeep grand cherokee wh ou wk de 2005, crd 3.0L 218 cv, marcherait il ?

Merci d'avance

8. January 2017 21:04
Mario Stin
Hola, quería solicitarles si me podrían informar si hay algún software ,que se pueda utilizar en una Grand Cherokee /2008/2009 V8 4.7 WK, para corregir cuando se desconecta el sierre automático de las puertas , causado cuando se desconecta la batería, cordial saludos Mario( Argentina)

28. December 2016 15:46
Jean-Luc Courbon
Problème boîte de vitesse bloquée en seconde suite batterie trop faible résolu après effacement des codes boîte P2602 (solenoïd voltage low), P2222 (Transmission oil temperature sensor erratic) et du code P0700 (Check Transmission DTC's).
Diagnostic configuration : ELM 327 chinois V1.5 à 10 euros connecté sur USB W7/PC USB. Grand merci à

Gearbox default fixed (second speed only after use of faulty battery) : P2602, P222 and P0700 cleared.
Configuration Tool : chinese 2016 ELM327 V1.5 - USB interface connected on W7/PC.
Many thanks to

20. December 2016 07:43
Achat elm327 avec puce originale, Bluetooth, fonctionne très bien avec mon wiko (attention à la version Android 4.3 minimum) . Plus de 6 codes défaut effacé en deux clics sur GC 2.7 2002. (moteur, capteurs de roues avant, boite de transfert, boite de vitesse). Super logiciel, tout fonctionne, je suis ravi. Merci...

7. December 2016 23:30
john mcleod
The elm327 and your software worked fine on my samsung note tablet and even flaged up the fault with abs, rear sensor, once sensor and new shifter board were fitted and fault codes cleared all was fine, very happy with the software etc.??
happy customer in the FALKLAND ISLANDS

2. December 2016 21:08
ELM327 from will work on every 2.7 CRD Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have used it on 2002, 2003 and 2004 year models.

30. November 2016 18:17

Mon grand cherokee 2.7 crd est de 07/2002, sur le site que vous conseillez pour achater le ELM 327, ils disent que sur les moteur diesel l'appareil lit les défault à partir de 2004, à ma connaissance le grand cherokee 2.7 crd de 2002 est le même que celui de 2004, pouvez vous me confirmer que le ELM327 de l'adresse : fonctionnera avec mon cherokee

23. November 2016 19:28
fabio schiavinato
funziona con windows 10

14. November 2016 15:42
Korber Heinrich
hi habe den ELm 327 aus Romänien bei ebay gekauft.
wenn ich die Fehler auslesen will schreibt das Programm kein Port vorhanden

13. November 2016 11:40
First, thanks for the android version, it works just fine. I was able to use it with my generic obd2 BT adapter to reset the gear on my wj wg crd 2.7 2004.

I would like to ask you guys to enable ratio setup - we the jeep owners would like to increase the tier diam and compensate with bigger gear ratio.
Increasing the gear ratio require updates to the gear computer otherwise it got into limp due to "mismatching" speed report from the abs sensors.
Your help is appreciated.

3. October 2016 13:50
Hello, thank you for good work! I Live in Latvia (EU) and wee have Jeep WJ more and more popular, but by now that are 16 to 12 years old, and have various issues, So your software are wary helpful! Thank you, waiting for dealer level-like app. Will donate.

1. October 2016 22:40
Bernnardo Márquez
In a lecture of jeep yj 94:

reading engine faults:

ATWM8115F13E not supported by ELM comumunication Error

28. September 2016 14:05
Works great with this ELM327:

13. September 2016 22:46
WIFI is not supported, but you can use some Virtual Serial Port driver like HW VSP with your WIFI device. It will redirect TCP/IP traffic to COM port. It is tested and will work fine with Jeepdiag.

13. September 2016 11:34
Tamas Hetesi
Have you the jeep diagnostic software in Wi-Fi version? Accidently I bought the Wi-Fi version from the website what you mentioned, from Romania.

10. September 2016 13:15
Where is the best place to buy an ELM327. I am in South Africa.

31. August 2016 13:04
"communication error : fake elm" (I think it's a chinese version). My ELM is an usb V1.5a.

25. August 2016 21:32
Henning Le Roux
Cleared all codes with none remaining.
Tomorrow I take her for a drive and see.

9. August 2016 13:15
Samuel, at the moment Chrysler DRB 3 is the only device that can do everything you need.
At the moment we are developing an app that is almost dealer level for WJ - supported will be all modules of those cars: keys, immo, ABS, body, doors, entertainment etc. Also live data and tests. It is huge work, it takes time and we are on time if we can release it by the end of this year.

9. August 2016 09:44
Rev Samuel MSE Kayuni
My name is Samuel from Malawi Africa. I own a small business of renting and selling used 4x4s from UK market.
Latterly have sold many Jeeps with Diesel engines
CRDs. Right now I have 10 Jeeps parked at my yards have various issues like Keys not recognized,immobolizers, gears limp modes etc
I bought various diagnostic scan machines like launch, dvatage and the last one called DG VSI2554 I need soft ware that I can install in the machine that can handle issues of my Jeeps. Any idea please help.
I look so stupid to the people have supplied Jeeps of various models. I love these vehicles when running properly.

2. August 2016 14:21
Andreas Sterzenbach
vielen Dank für die Bluetooth Version!
Dieser Bluetooth-Adapter hier zum Preis von €19 funktioniert sehr gut, auf Android und Windows 7 getestet:

many thanks for the bluetooth version!
this bluetooth Adaper functions very well, I tested it on android and Windows7.

22. July 2016 07:36
neil solomons
Hi thanks
I've encountered an issue with aux position on the Ignition where the radio is suppose to go on when the vehicle is of, immediately after clearing codes with your software. Got the same elm 327as in your pic connecting to usb. have you anny solution or help.

5. May 2016 21:32
We got USB version from car.pulse and yes, it has genuine ELM chip (ver 2.1) inside and it is working correctly. As it is using genuine ELM chip made by ELM Electronics, then all ELM commands are supported.
Those Romanians are making good stuff for reasonable price and their devices are worth every penny.

23. April 2016 15:14
Are you sure elm327 USB (not BT) from car.pulse on ebay works ? because I've just buy one on ebay (from an other seller Diagscan) and it does'nt work, message : "communication error : fake elm" (I think it's a chinese version). My ELM is an usb V1.5a.

14. April 2016 23:07
Hi guys.
I received the real ELM327 Bluetooth from Romania today.
Your jeepswj software reported it as ELM version 2.1.

I connected the Bluetooth ELM to a virtualized XP Pro SP3 running under Parallels Desktop 9 on my Apple laptop (OS 10.7.5).
A little tricky to pair it but I get it working.
I successfully erased a remaining default engine code on my 2.7CRD.

I also paired the ELM with my smartphone (Galaxy S2) without any trouble.
But I don't have appropriate app to communicate with the jeep TCU, I can just read engine codes (french OBDfacile app).

Would you send me the (beta) Androïd app so I can try it ?

Thanks for all your work !!!

7. April 2016 14:36
Edit from last post : still has BT units, it was a server error. I ordered one and I hope I can check the Android pre-relase software soon.

7. April 2016 12:30
Hi Kaido.
Just to let people know that BT original ELM327 is out of stock from website above. I emailed the seller. Without BT unit I can't test the Android pre-release ...

6. April 2016 09:23
Thankyou, your advice got the job done, I am now enjoying driving at more than 30mph

3. April 2016 00:55
Just for the feedback, my elm 16bit branded ROH I'd with a previous software doesn't works. I will try an other later.

Nice site, a lot of infos about WJ et some produts interesting.

GB from France.

2. April 2016 13:43
Will you make a version for Android that can be used with WIFI conection any time soon?

31. March 2016 11:34
Konstantin Tscherepanow
Guten Tag,

funktioniert das auch mit einem Jeep Grand Cherokee BJ 2004, WG, V8-4.7L

Danke und Grüße
Konstantin Tscherepanow

29. March 2016 21:16
WOOHOO, we got our first donation today from a happy user for our diagnostic app:)
It happened after 10 months and 3000 downloads. Thank you Fernand.

18. March 2016 13:42
We got first Android release to read/clear codes and it is in test stage now to figure out if everything is correct with connection and data transfer. It is not ready to publish, but I can give app link to those who would like to test it. All testers are welcome, just write us through contact form.

18. March 2016 13:16
Is it long time to the android app is finish? I have problems with using the pc.

25. February 2016 18:51
We did not have any WIFI ELM when we made our software and it will not work. Probably we will not upgrade it cause at the moment our goal is to make an Android version.

15. February 2016 14:30
Hi guys !!
Does your software works with WiFi ELM module ?
I got one from a friend before receiving the cabled unit from China (MartyVayne's link, thanks to him if it works for me !!).
It may be tricky to connect the ELM from your software (I don't know which port WiFi could use).

11. February 2016 09:35
Ragazzi siete grandi grazie
Il vostro programma funziona alla grande con Windows xp è Elm 327 usb Made in Cina
Appena collegato porta com 3 legge e resetta tutti gli errori del motore e del cambio del mio GC WJ 2.7 crd del 2002.
Sarebbe bello riuscire a controllare anche eventuali problemi del climatizzatore o altro
Sono ansioso di provare anche la versione Android
Complimenti e Buon lavoro.

8. February 2016 18:01
Elmscan 5 Update.
Reads the gearbox codes but not the engine codes.

7. February 2016 17:49
Yes, this message means that your ELM327 does not support necessary commands that are required for Jeep diagnose. It is a common problem for many Chinese devices. With genuine ELM327 chip all commands are supported and it will do the job. Better is to get ELM327 with genuine chip, but you can try next Chinese device until you get working one, many Chinese devices are also working fine.

For example Vgate iCar2 BT device worked well, but until manufacturer has not confirmed supported command list, we can not be sure that all Vgate devices work. Vgate is not very cooperative to answer to us, but we will keep on asking them.

7. February 2016 17:14
Janis Bielis
I bought a Chinese ELM327 cable connecting to your program, I appeared massage FAKE ELM.
Does this mean that I have to buy original cable?
Thank you .

7. February 2016 17:08
At the moment only Windows version is available. We are working with Android and will add it to site ASAP.

7. February 2016 14:52
j evans

cannot access the download via android or ipad..Is it still available?

6. February 2016 18:04
Anyone used this with an Elmscan 5 compact?

5. February 2016 12:38
can't wait for android version to be released!

3. February 2016 16:38
Thorsten Weidmann
Tank you, my Jeep-Gearbox works again ! The software has worked perfectly with an ELM bougt for 15 € by ebay. It looks like this, you showed on your side.

2. February 2016 23:25
Hi this is great, does anyone have any UK links to working fake elm devices?
Took a gamble on the Chinese fake but didn't work.

2. February 2016 11:15
We are working with Android at the moment and hope to finish it within some days. Just little more patience.

2. February 2016 11:05
Thank you! It works perfect, even with a Chinese fake and Windows 10. When will the Android version be available?

1. February 2016 20:33
Hi Kaido,

when do you think the Andoid-Version is ready to use. We are already waiting impatiently for the app :-)


1. February 2016 18:49
It means that your ELM is Chinese fake and does not support basic ELM commands. Using Chinese ELM327 is like lottery - you never know if it works or not. Try to get other one, preferably with genuine ELM chip.

1. February 2016 14:36
hello with my usb elm 327 i have the message "fake elm"
i use window vista.

27. December 2015 19:08
It means that your computer can not connect with ELM. Be sure ELM Com drivers are installed and choose correct com port where ELM is connected.

27. December 2015 17:42
Antonio Moreno
On this Com Port no correct ELM connected!

22. December 2015 19:16

j'ai testé sur ma voiture et ça ne fonctionne pas, jeep wj 2003 2.7 crd

le logiciel ce connecte au cable mais ensuite pas moyen de lire les code d'erreur, avec le conctac, sans contact et même moteur tournant rien ne se passe.


22. December 2015 11:35
We will work with android on mid January and hoping to finish within couple of weeks.

22. December 2015 09:40
Hello. When will the android app software come?

19. December 2015 10:39
Andreas Sterzenbach
Hi, software works fine with iParaAiluRy ELM327 USB Interface bought on amazon:
It has the PL-2303 XA/HXA chip build in, which only works on windows XP and Windows7, myself I use an Eeepc with windows XP.
Engine and transmission errorcodes reading and erasing perfectly!!!
I´m looking forward for the android version.
Many thanks to the developer, who made it possible to read and erase error codes on Jeep WJ/WG 2.7 crd!!!

16. December 2015 22:00
Hi, software works like a charm.
Used USB ELM 327 v1.5 Chinese clone. Bit of a gamble, but worked first time!
Costs about 7 euro's on ebay which includes international shipping!
Slow on arrival (takes about 2 weeks), but quality seems ok on first glance. Comes with driver CD, but didn't need that. Plug and play on Windows 7.

Able to read and clear two old codes from engine and reads transmission no problem.

ebay link:

seller's name is is eto666

Order and use Chinese clones at your own risk, just sharing my personal experience with this particular product.


5. December 2015 23:05
David Johnson
Hi Kaido,
Thank you so much for your help and advice on my Jeep issues.
I downloaded your free software and bought a ELM from the site you
suggested (
All good, retrieved/cleared the fault codes.
Can't thank you enough - you saved me a lot of cost at the Dealership.

5. December 2015 15:41
Hallo das ELM 327 hat perfekt mit der Software funktioniert!
Super Sache weiter so echt TOP!!!!

Vielen Dank

27. November 2015 11:15
bonjour je n'arrive pas a connecter mon elm327 il le reconnais mais connèction impossible.

par avance merci

6. November 2015 21:24
bought the ELM327 usb v1.5a OBDII protocols and when connected to 2002 grand cherokee 2.7crd I get error messages Not supported Engine & Not supported TCM when trying to get fault codes.... trying to find codes and clear (in limp home mode), cleaned all contacts on gear selector module and want to clear fault codes with no success :(

3. November 2015 01:21
Hi, I would like to thank you for your software, it is amazing!!!
It works with my old Serial-USB ELM327 ver1.3a OBD interface on Windows7 32 bit.
(first pluged in the ELM, let windows to install the driver to COM9, then start your Software. Choose COM9 and it worked first time!)
Your software were able to read both Engine and transmission error codes and cleared them as well.
Thanks again.

30. October 2015 00:00
Hi just to let you know your program worked fine on my 2002 grand cherokee. I had a list of fault codes resulting in limp home mode and it cleared the lot! fantastic!! thank you very much.Don't suppose you do one for the ABS system as I've had a speed sensor fail and need to clear the light after I've replaced it. Thanks again anyway.

6. October 2015 09:42
Dag Erik Johansen
Windows 8.1 enterprise (USB type ELM327 adapter). Device manager named port:com3, no other ports present. Software found and connected to com3 but did not communicate With car. Renamed com3 to com1 in device manager and everything worked fine.

7. September 2015 15:25
(The same Tom like below)
With the USB type of ELM adapter - it works like a charm!
Great software - the Android version wuld be perfect add!


29. August 2015 14:58

So far with my BT ELM version on Win10 Dell laptop I was unable to read anything. I'm not sure if ita due to the PCELM connection or more to the ELM istelf. I can only say that with the same adapter and my cellphone I can connect to Jeep with some OBD2 apps and see basic parameters.

I will try to oder the recommended usb version of adapter and gove it a try.
But it would be great if this will work as Android APP with the BT adaper. It would be just perfect!


23. August 2015 20:49
Works like a charm with chinese ELM327-USB! Cleared 5 engine + 5 transmission fault codes just in minutes. Luckily it seems that all codes were based on temporarily weak battery. Thanks!!!

18. August 2015 23:46
Thank you guys, the program works fine! :-)

14. August 2015 14:11
Thank you guys, the program works fine !
I buy yours elm327 recommandation, it's ok
Have a nice day!

8. June 2015 17:10
At last someone made a program to clear Jeep codes. Cleared P2210 and car running again! Used Win7 and OBDLink SX Bluetooth device.
Thank you very much.

6. June 2015 00:44
the program cannot open bluetooth ports and popups error window

26. May 2015 19:21
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