Q: We got a Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD with no lights on the PCB and gearbox in limp mode. Also fault P0702 in engine ECU. Do you have a new printplate for us?

A: Usually the problem is with the broken PCB when there are no lights on the PCB. Just in case look at fuse F12, is it fine and does shifter board get +12 volts to power pin?. We have printplates, just buy them from our shop. After receiving payment we will send the new PCB quickly.

Q: Will you post the PCB to South Africa and what kind of postal service you use?

A: We are using DHL Express and send PCB-s worldwide.

Q: Do you repair old PCB plates?

A: No. It is possible to fix them, but it is too time consuming and doesn’t guarantee that it won’t break again soon, cause these plates are badly designed – they oxidize, they are made with low quality tin and also have some low quality components.

Q: What does lifetime warranty mean?

A: The warranty lasts as long as your car. We have designed the gear shifter PCB the way it would last longer then the car. Warranty is valid if PCB is used correctly in car’s normal working conditions (no board modifications, no contact with liquids, no electrical malfunctions etc.).

Q: Just to avoid misunderstanding. I will only get the electronic board and not the complete shifter unit – right?

My car broke down with the typical indications for a faulty shifter but with the key-method there was no P0702 on the display. But the jeep dealer says there are 99% for a faulty shifter.So if I change the board and this does not solve the problem, I can send it back with a refund (without shipping)?

A: Yes, you’ll get only the electronic board. If your car has something else broken and not shifter PCB, then we take it back but all postage costs will be covered by you. You will get money back when we receive the PCB in same condition as we sent it to you.
Did dealer check your car with diagnostics device? What fault codes did they find in engine and gearbox? We have seen lots of jeeps with gearbox faults and we can tell you by fault codes what exactly is broken in your car (in most cases).

Q: I switched to new shifter board, but still have limp mode and P0702 on dashboard.

A: If you still have limp mode after switching the boards, then you will have to have the faults cleared from engine and transmission with DRB III, Bosch KTS diagnostics device. You can also use our diagnostic software with ELM327 device, check at our software section.
Jeep Grand Cherokee reads the times an error occurred: if you had a short drive with a broken PCB, then the car thinks it was a random mistake and is fixed with switching the board. If you drove many times with the broken PCB, then the car thinks it is a permanent fault and you will have to clear the faults with proper diagnostics device. Ask your car service if they have DRB III or Bosch KTS to clear the fault codes. You can also buy ELM327 and use our free software for clearing fault codes.

Q: Hi,very impressed with your site, however despite various attempts, as your instructions and using jubilee clips, wedges, etc,etc,

I have made minor cosmetic damage to the gear shaft, despite using protection, the knobs will not remove, regardless of my attempts, I presume that if I cannot remove the gear knobs, I cannot access the PCB, please advise, is there another way to do this?
A: Unfortunately removing the knobs is the only way to change shifter board. If you take gear levers off from bottom side, then you can have trouble to put the rods correctly back. You have a problem with both knobs? Can it be that some previous owner used glue to fix those knobs? In most cases these knobs come off pretty easily by hand…
Try to use bigger tools and ask someone to help. It is easier if one holds and other bends.

Q: My shifter problem is that i can not put it on parking.

Everything else works just fine. I don’t get any diagnosis code. Do you think its a board problem?
A: When you remove the center console, then there are park lockout solenoids in front side of shifter unit. They are white cylinders and one of them can also lock your gear lever. They are for security, that you can not move gear lever when ignition is not turned in.

Q: My car is in limp mode and has faults P0702 and P0836. Will changing shifter board fix my car?

A: P0836 is transfer case position sensor or its wiring. Shifter board is not related with it. You can check sensor, oxydation of ECU (in engine bay on driver side) pin no. 29 and wire between ECU and sensor. To be sure it is broken sensor and not wiring, you can try to replace (for testing only) sensor with 400 Ohm resistor. With resistor attached  drive only 4H gear. If car drives fine, then the resistor is broken and if fault stays, then look for wiring. After fixing any broken part you should clear fault codes.

Q: My car reverse lights are not working. All lamps are fine. Will your board fix this issue?

A: There is transistor BSP75N in shifter board for switching reverse lights. There is no point to change whole board just cause your reverse lights are not working and everything else is working fine. If you have some soldering skills, then change this transistor on shifter board. BSP75N costs 1,50 EUR in Farnell.

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